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Poptropica is an online, role-playing game made by Jeff Kinney targeted at children ages 6 to 15, where players can travel, play games, compete in head-to-head competition, and communicate safely with each other. Players are given several quests, called islands, which they are encouraged to complete. Players can currently travel between twenty-six islands, but more are added every year. Poptropica was developed by the Family Education Network, a division of Pearson, which also owns kids� site Since 4 February 2012, Poptropica has an Alexa Internet rating of 1,302 in the United States, and a ranking of 5,162 in the world. Poptropica was officially launched September 2007. It has grown to have over 75 million registered users, 35 million of whom are in the 15�25 age group.

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